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Experience one of the finest examples of early Roman life in its excavated ruins. In 79 AD nearby Mt. Vesuvius erupted with such force, it buried the city beneath ash and rubble. It wasn’t until the 18th Century that this 1st Century city was again revealed.

The itinerary is tailored along a special path long about 2 kilometers that finally made Pompeii accessible to everyone.

Our guide will bring to life the strong remains of Pompeii telling you numerous anecdotes, secrets and stories, and taking you through the most fascinating sites of this ancient city. You will learn how was life in Roman Times, walking through Pompeii’s main streets just as the ancient Romans did, breathing the roman atmosphere and visiting the thermal baths, the domus, the Gladiators’ Gym, the mills, the Lupanare, famous for its erotic frescoes and much more...

You will feel like going back to the Roman Empire by visiting the Theatre, the Thermal Baths, the Pleasure Houses, the Forum and all the major highlights of Pompeii.

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